Why Misamo?

Our handmade glass jewellery has its own (as every artistic original has) distinctive poetics, elegance and one could say that each piece has its own soul. All that because its creators left part of their skills, imagination and emotion inside it.

As soon as the first luxury sets were born, I logically began thinking about how to name this series

of jewellery so that the name would reflect the above-mentioned facts in the best possible way.


I played with words for hours, different plays on words and their variations were running through

my head. And then, suddenly, the name appeared. While I was sketching new designs of the glass jewellery, my eyes fell on our names.


This is how Misamo was born.


Misamo - Action

Fashion show MEESCHA P.  31.1.2019, Na Karmeli, Mladá Boleslav,

Czech Republic


In the footsteps of the glass elf Střípka 2.1.- 31.3.2019, Železný Brod, Czech Republic


Silver Christmas Days in Letnany 13. – 16.12.2018, Praha, Czech Republic


Czech Christmas at Palaci Plus 7. – 9.12.2018, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic


Blue Doors Open Christmas 1.12.2018, Říčany u Prahy, Czech Republic


Czech - Qatar Business forum 14. - 15.11.2018, Doha, Qatar


Expotravel  3. - 8.10.2018 / Jekatěrinburg, Russia


100 years of Czech design 25. - 29.9.2018, Astana, Kazachstan


Workshop Inspiration 21. - 23.9.2018, Palace plus, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic


The glass town of  15. - 16.9.2018, Železný Brod, Czech Republic


Clock & Jewelery 13. - 15.9.2018, Praha Holešovice, Czech Republic


Fragile Beauty 9. - 12.8.2018, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic


Handmade dreams 14.7. - 30.9.2018, La Granja, Segovie, Espaňa




Fashion show Made in Jablonec 2019, cooperation with fashion designer  Jiřina Tauchmanová


10.1.2018 – Premiere, Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic


Fashion show Made in Jablonec 2018, cooperation with fashion designer  Jiřina Tauchmanová


14. -  15.11.2018  Doha, Qatar


27.10.2018  Dresden, Germany


3. -  8.10.2018  Jekatěrinburg, Russia


25. - 29.9.2018  Astana, Kazachstan


13. - 15.9 2018  Praha, Czech Republic


9. - 12.8. 2018  Jablonec n.N., Czech Republic


12.1.2018 - Jablonec n.N. ,Czech Republic